About us

About us


I have always lived immersed in desing, arquitecture, fashion... and shoes. Mi dad used to travel arround Europe selling some of the best national shoe brands and, thanks to that, I grew up surrounded by imposible heels, forms, fabrics and leathers. When I was very young, and already submerged in this creative environment, I felt in love with a pair of sandals of one of the collections my dad used to sell. I was completly fascinated, they were green lettuce and had a huge platform, and I couldn't wait to have the size and age to be able to wear them. He kept them gently for me, but I had the bad luck to be tall since young and, at the age of 10, I already had a bigger foot size and my love for those shoes became just a memory. 

Over the years, the unfulfilled dream became a concern about creating things that provoke the same feeling in other people, that love and adoration I had for those lettuce green sandals. This was the reason that led me to study fashion design at the end of high school, and was in 2016, at the age of 24, which led me to create my own shoe brand.

Mireia, January 2016


Mireia Playà is a cruelty free brand, following the designer’s vegan lifestyle. 

We offer edgy and trendy designs, produced in Spain and free from animal and human suffering, because we believe that fashion can be created without victims. 

We also do care about the environment, we don’t use plastic in our packagings and we are constantly looking for new and more sustainable materials



In 2016 we got the "Vegan Appoved" logo by PETA, that certifies that we are a vegan company approved by one of the most important animal rights associations in the world. 


We use alternative materials to leather, from both synthetic and natural origin. 

Our high quality linings are  sourced from Italy and they offer breathable and antibacterial properties. 

For our uppers, we use a wide range of options, to match the aesthetic of each design and to offer variety to our clients. Some examples could be our vegan suedes, that are made of a 100% polyester fabric, or a vast extension of high quality PU, that includes PUs made out of vegetables, a sustainable and vegan alternative.

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