How to... Rawvegan Brownie

How to... RawVegan Brownie

Author Mireia
Date: 03/10/2016

Hey family, greetings from Cape Town!! Today we welcome a new section where I will be explaining you which are my favourite vegan recipes and how to prepare them, as well as showing you how is the feeding of a vegan person. ¿Are you ready?

To inaugurate the section “How to…” we are going to prepare a delicious dessert that I have already tried many times and that is not only vegan but also super easy and quick to prepare… [drumroll...] the Raw vegan Brownie!!

Most of you may be thinking “What’s this crazy lady talking about?” keep calm’s easier to get than it seems: raw-vegan, so it is raw and vegan ;P. And you may be thinking… Is there people eating just raw and vegan stuff? YES, there is, but that is a story to be explained in an other post. What I can assure is that there are raw vegan recipes of all kinds and they are super colourful and tasty.


Let’s go back to our thing...the Raw vegan Brownie!! As I was telling you, it’s delicious and easy to “cook”, it can be prepared in 15 minutes and doesn’t need to be baked. It is also a healthy dessert as it has no flours - GLUTEN FREE - neither any kind of artificial sweetener. It’s a very common recipe in the raw vegan and vegan world and it can have many versions relating to proportions and ingredients used. Here you can check the one I usually follow, hope you love it :).

To prepare your Raw vegan Brownie we will need:

  • 1 cup of dates.

  • 1 ½ cup of nuts: walnut, hazelnut or almond . I use what I find in the pantry , this time I mixed a little of each and has been delicious.

  • 1 cup of cocoa or carob powder. Carob flour comes from grinding the carob pod, has a very similar flavour to cocoa but is much lower in fat and has a high protein content.

  • 1 food processor or a sharp knife and eager to chop.

  • 1 refrigerator

  • plastic wrap or coconut oil

  • 1 cake base or a big dish.

vegan shoes

¡¡Let’s start!!

  • First of all we need to soak the dates and nuts , for about 4 hours , so that they soften and activate.

  • After these four hours we will crush the dates and nuts. I used a food processor, but you can crush them with a knife until they are as small as possible .

  • When we have crushed the dates and nuts we have to add the cocoa or carob gradually, kneading until it is fully integrated into the dough.

  • Now we just have to put the dough into the pastry basis previously covered with plastic wrap or smeared with coconut oil. To expand the dough I usually use a wet spoon in order to avoid the dough getting sticked on it.

  • Now you just have to put our brownie in the refrigerator for about 2 hours.

  • After these two hours your Raw vegan Brownie is ready to be eaten!!

vegan shoes

You can decorate it with some cocoa/carob powder or with some fruits.

And remember, to maintain its natural consistency you must keep it in the freezer.

Hope you have enjoyed this post, don’t forget to let us know how your Raw vegan Brownie tasted :)!!! Hugs from South Africa!!



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