How To...Wear? La Edición de Navidad

How To...Wear? La Edición de Navidad

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Fecha: 13/12/2016

Christmas is one of the most (if not the most) beautiful holidays of the year. Families gathering together, meeting friends that for some reasons you haven't seen for ages, but been dying to see. All those beaaaautiful lights and decorations, oh and, of course, the Christmas tree! When everything around you is sparkling and pretty, it's hard to stand out, but guess what, we looked what's going on in the stores and chose 3 very different outfits for 3 very different Christmas dinners. The best part, it's 70 % that you will already have similar or almost the same style garments in your closet. On to the outfits!

Cozy Up!

Christmas Outfit 1

Spending Christmas evening with your family or having a dinner party with your closest friends? No need to overdress, keep it cozy, but add some bling bling and you'll look peeerfect. Fluffy sweater, shiny mini skirt (ok ok, maybe the mini skirt isn't the comfiest thing), put on some matte black tights and add some spice with glitter socks (look at these cuties with the unicorns), finish the look with some metallics - puffer jacket and a bag and voilà! Now all you need is a pair of Okobo Bootie Black platforms and some accessories (try wearing the same colour jewellery as other metallic garments). Boom, you will not only feel cozy, but you'll look stunning as well. 

Always Shine

Christmas Outfit 2

So, you already know what to wear to the dinner with the most beloved ones, but what about that office Christmas party? Bring out all your classiness and mix it with quirky, playful garments. Remember that shiny, soft, velvet dress you've been eyeing for quite some time now? Well, it is time, go and get it! Put on some statement jewellery, an elegant evening bag and bring in some sexiness with black sheer tights. An oversized faux fur jacket will be perfect for keeping yourself warm on the way to the party and also for making an entrance! But you know what is the best part of the outfit? Darla Buckle heels, from a classy lady they'll turn you into a trendiest gal in the office. Now off you go, go spread you charm!

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Christmas Outfit 3

After all the dinners are over, it's time to celebrate the Christmas for real! Let's rock'n'roll for a bit this year, because why not, right? Glam rock style is the best for going out with your friends during this sparkling season, so take out those faux leather pants you've been keeping in the closet, put on a lacey lingerie shirt, a faux leather jacket and,  of course, ACCESSORISE!!! But a friendly reminder one more time - match all the glitter and metallics together. To finish the look, get some glitter socks and Darla Chelsey boots. Let a tiny little bit of those socks shine from the booties, it will give the outfit some extra spiciness. You are ready to rock the world tonight!

So there you go, three outfits, all for the same holiday, but for three different occasions. 

Don't forget to always send us pics of your outfits, we always post them!

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