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63.27$ 118.29$
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41.26$ 77.94$

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Our venture, Mireiaplaya focuses on the eco-friendly means of framing and producing shoes. Our brand focuses on not hurting animals and create beauty with natural resources. Beauty can always be reinvented by the nature and can promise an everlasting look to the beholder. Such is our objective to create beauty without isolating the natural elements. 

The NEW IN sectorial of our venture, brings to you more stylish and new designs of shoes that can allure your presence and enhance the exquisiteness of your appearance.

News collection AW18

The new collection of booties has a wide range of comfort shoes that are not only elegant but also attractive. Previously, we have dealt with all the on-trend collections and our products have emerged to create the fashion sensation worldwide. In our new AW18 collection, you will find the latest trends in fashion and the latest trends in footwear and styling embodied in new vegan shoes and vegan footwear that will complete your outfits. 

Our New In category is encapsulated with all the latest beauties around.

New Collection of heels

Since we create products that are totally devoid of animal-based components, we always try to bring out the best of design and quality. In the new collection, our vegan shoes incorporate flat platforms and platforms with broken cork lined or wooden-covered heels and vegan skin with bold prints. You can also witness one of the most surprising novelties in this new collection, the 70s style wide heels, comfortable and modern in equal parts. We have really tried our best to re-design the obsolete style of shoes. 

In our collection of women's shoes, you will find vegan shoes, flat shoes or heels or platform vegan shoes with a variety of striking models and perfect attractions to give that touch of personality to any look. We always provide unique pieces that combine the latest social and fashion trends with a feminine, breakthrough and modern style ideal to wear on all kinds of occasions. 

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